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Prototype Chassis

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The very first Maxton “Rollerskate” (the name came later) was used to test the concept. It was never fitted with a body, but, it was a complete running chassis. The tube frame was welded up at a shop in Colorado Springs that also built the SCCA “Sport Renault” racers.

It was constructed from Ben van der Linden’s drawings and then used to construct the production “jigs” for all of the other chassis. Jeff Novotny was hired to build the jigs and fabricate the production chassis and suspension components and all other parts that were required.

The Prototype was thoroughly tested at Mountain View Raceway on a number of occasions to see if any parts would fail or did not meet our performance and handling goals. All of the Maxton staff took turns pushing the car to its’ limits and a few times beyond its’ limits. The car met all of our expectations with only a few design changes and was then completely dismantled and the chassis was used to construct the production tooling. The Prototype chassis was never assigned a number and remained in storage until acquire by Ben van der Linden and assigned the number 0042. Ben has since built the car back into a running chassis using many Maxton parts that were also in storage when the company closed down. He is now in the process of fitting a body.

All of the components, drive train, engine, suspension, wiring etc. from the Prototype were then transferred to Chassis P1, the first production frame with the first prototype body panels to make the first ‘complete’ car. It was tested further and also used for promotional purposes on the inaugural “Colorado Grand” 1000 mile classic car rallye. Chassis P1 was then rebodied with production version of the body and re-numbered 0002.

Current Maxton Prototype Chassis in Ben's Garage

The Prototype chassis as it is today... with “Moose” standing guard. It has been assigned Chassis Number 0042. Ben van der Linden estimates he will have it completed and on the road by early 2017.

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