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Overall Structure

The Maxton Rollerskate starts with a firm foundation, an extremely rigid square tube chassis specially engineered by Ben van der Linden, SCCA’s VicePresident of Engineering and the man responsible for overseeing the SCCA Spec race series.

The tuned space-frame chassis is designed and balanced for the Mazda rotary engine, a reliable, reasonably priced powerplant available worldwide in a wide variety of configurations from gentle to fierce.

Rack and pinion steering, double wishbone front suspension with ventilated disc brakes, a Mazda 5-speed gearbox and rear axle are complimented by an elegant fiberglass body designed by Michael Mate, internationally know automotive artist and stylist.


The Rollerskate is a component car that comes to you as a rolling chassis, 80% assembled. The body, suspension, wheels, tires, transmission, steering rack, rear axle, anti-roll bar, fuel tank, foot boxes, pedals, brakes, brake lines, and wiring harness are already in place. Except for the paint and engine, literally everything else you’ll need to finish the car- the seats, carpeting, top and side curtains, gauges, heater, windshield, electrical devices, exhaust system, radiator, etc.- is there, ready for your careful touch.

Maxton has worked hard to simplify the assembly process. The average individual should be able to complete the build in 50 hours or less, using ordinary hand tools.

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